Family Jam Session -1962

Richie and Mom - 1962

Richie at the piano - Age 9 or 10

The composer at work

The Guys All-Star Shoe Band - 2001

Garrison Keillor and Richard Dworsky in 1987

Chet Atkins and Richard Dworsky - 1987

Who gets top billing????

With James Taylor at Tanglewood (June 2007)

Bonnie Raitt and Rich on PHC in Oct. 2006

Accompanying Meryl Streep, Lily Tomlin, and Lindsay Lohan in the movie

Rich and Meryl Streep rehearse

Giving Kevin Kline a piano lesson

Rehearsing with Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly

Accompanying Carole King (10/13/07)

With Carole King backstage

with  Brad Paisley in 2012

with Elvis Costello

with Aaron Neville,
April 2013

Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris with Rich and the band - PHC 2006

The PHC clan in
Edinburgh, Scotland

Sally and Richie on PHC

With Yo-Yo Ma backstage after PHC, 12/13/08 in NYC

Richard Dworsky accompanies Taj Mahal on PHC - 1987

Wynton Marsalis and the Shoe Band - 2001

Rich with Mister (Fred) Rogers - 1987

Leo Kottke and Richard Dworsky - 1986

Richard Dworsky with Mata Harbhajan Kaur Ji

with Bob and Ray in 1987

Hangin' with the Turtles

With Al Jarreau in the studio in L.A. (1989)

Backstage with Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez

Horsing around with Martin Sheen (the singer!!!)

With Odetta backstage; PHC at Town Hall NYC 12/23/06

Rich accompanies Uncle Jethro Burns on PHC - 1987

Greg Brown and Richard Dworsky on PHC - 1986

With Kristin Chenoweth
PHC in NYC, 2006

With Sally Dworsky and Jearlyn Steele - 2005

Rich and the Super-Shoes 12/31/05

with NBC's Brian Williams at the Movie Premiere

With Renée Fleming backstage in NYC 12/13/08

Garrison and Rich at the Premiere party

Kevin Kline and Rich at the Premiere Party

With John C. Reilly in Reykjavik , Iceland

Halloween with the Jennys, 2006

Halloween with the Jennys – Part 2

With Pickin' Monsters Jerry Douglas and Sam Bush

With Sam Bush and Buddy Emmons (PHC 11/25/06) in Cincinnati

Richard Dworsky with Randy Newman (6/09/07)

With Paula Poundstone (6/09/07)

Richard Dworsky / Steinway Artist

Prairie Home Companion Cast

New York Philharmonic Program (12/13/07)

Rich at the Ryman Auditorium

Two Penguins

With Cathal McConnell in Ireland

Rich and Wayne Jackson (Memphis Horns)

Monkeying around